Monday, June 4, 2012

Need a "Life-Line?"

"It's a Life-Line" - says Sally Klinke about her 3 year prayer partnership with Dorothy James. "God placed Sally in my life to encourage & inspire me!" says Dorothy.
"You don't manufacture friends like this! Dorothy is God-given and we run to Him in prayer like two little girls."  Since they met, they've run to Him together and trusted Him together on countless prayers for their family, their city & one another.
Smiles and laughter filled this day, but they assured me they’ve shared tears too.  That’s where prayer comes in, “prayer is key because prayer will see you through!” says Dorothy.
Prayer is not just about talking, but who you’re talking to that makes all the difference – “Whose throne room are you going to?” asks Sally.  Praying together has given them a priceless gift because they both know the Jesus on whom they’re calling and they know that even in life’s darkest hours His strength will see them through.
This same Jesus brought them together 3 years ago and Sally calls that a ‘rare jewel’ (but only rare because we don't Trust Him!)  After meeting one another at a prayer event, Sally uttered this simple prayer "Lord, if she's my prayer partner just make it clear."  Then, Dorothy felt led to come over to Sally, they prayed together that night and have been prayer partners ever since.
“When you get older, you want to do good things and this is a Forever Life-Line!” says Sally.
I’m convinced Jesus does not expect us to walk through life alone.  Do you Trust Him enough to simply ask: “Jesus – is there a prayer partner out there for me?”  If you’re willing to Trust Him, don’t be surprised by what happens. 

As always, we’re here to help you too / 901-356-7579

If You have a Life-Line - Please Tell Us Your Story - we'd love to share it in our NEXT Post (and inspire others with the uniquenes of Prayer Partners across our City & the Impact of Praying Together!!)


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