Monday, December 20, 2010

A Knock at the Door Brings an Angel Into my Life

I know in God's Word it says when there's a knock at the door you should not ignore it, because we never know who's on the other side. It just might be an Angel in Disguise.

How ironic is that! This is exactly what happened to me. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I heard a knock and lo and behold it was my neighbor.

Shortly after being laid off from my job, my husband had spoken to her about me losing my job. The only source of income was suddenly gone. My husband is disabled (not able to work due to a heart condition). Our neighbor appeared and asked if she could pray for us and I welcomed her open hands & kind heart.

Then, the evening prior to Thanksgiving, she knocked at the door again and asked if she could pray for us a second time. Again, I welcomed her open hands and kind heart.

Before leaving she handed me an envelope and said 'This is for you and your husband'. The card inside was full of words of kindness, encouragement and love. Also, there was a special gift inside - a Kroger Gift Card for Groceries.

As I had sat home unemployed & anxious (anxiety daily rising within me) - God saw the need & sent an Angel to us. The knock at the door was our Angel in Disguise.

The Bible says Love Thy Neighbor just as We Would Love Ourselves. We have truly been blessed by Our Neighbor - who with a soft knock at the door appeared as an Angel in our time of need.

From this, new love is found, a new friendship has begun and a new beginning of believing that God is ALWAYS there when you least expect it.

He's there for you too - either wanting you to be an Angel in Disguise or to Open Your Door to One.

In this time of many things Uncertain - we want you to know there is one thing CERTAIN - Jesus Loves You (even when you don't feel it), He longs to Show Up in Your Life This Christmas, This New Year!

An Angel Might be Knocking at Your Door Tomorrow, OR Maybe He Wants You to Be An Angel to Someone Else! Just ASK Him - We Know He'll Nudge Your Heart.

As ALWAYS - We're Here for You and Would LOVE to Pray With You 901-356-7579


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