Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please Don't Forget ME.....

It's Back to School for many & it seems we’re just about back in our normal fall routine.

Right in the hustle & bustle of new lunch boxes, after-school sports and carpools – a friend of mine recently reminded me of some back-to-school kids we might just be forgetting. (The photos above are Real Kids from our neighborhoods & these are Real Life Stories That You Need to Know!)

This is Mona's story, please take a minute to read it & please don’t just READ – please say a prayer for these kids and ASK if there’s anything that God might want you to do!

“As school gets into full swing, children must quickly adjust to earlier bedtimes, tackle homework assignments and strive to make new friends. However, to a large number of children, their lives hold even greater challenges.

Dad (or maybe even Mom) is in jail or in prison. They miss Mom. They love Mom. They miss Dad. They love Dad. Their little hearts and minds are too young to understand why jails do not allow contact visits.

They just want a hug from Dad and they’re too young to understand that Dad cannot make a phone call unless mother places money to be used for calls home.

They just want to tell Dad about their new friends and the school day. I’ve seen these children and know how much many of them love their Dads.

So maybe if you’ve not visited a jail, it might slip your mind to say a special prayer for the children who love their Dad right where he is.

And perhaps if you don’t know one of these precious kids – you might’ve forgotten that for them, back-to-school THIS fall is not back to ‘normal’ at all.”

'For as much as you’ve done it to the least of these you’ve done it unto me!’

Matthew 25:40

IF you have a relative in Prison (or if you feel you're in a prison all your own) - we'd love to pray with you and tell you more about the RADICAL Love of a guy named Jesus that can set anyone free from chains - just click the contact tab above and call or e-mail us!

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