Friday, July 2, 2010

FREEDOM through Radical Love

Celia & Jeanne are quite a pair. Praying together, laughing together, learning together & truly loving one another. They would tell you they could never LOVE each other if they weren't loved by Jesus first.

Jeanne smiles and says 'Many people haven't learned to LOVE yet because they've not realized how much they're LOVED.'

The main message they want to convey is 'Get to know the LOVE of Jesus - HE will change your life!'

Though they've both been through suffering, loss and pain - they've found FREEDOM through the Radical Love of a person called Jesus and now they have FREEDOM to Love One Another. When Celia talks of Jesus - she says
'He's a WONDER to my Soul!'

They're both single - yet to look at their eyes when they talk about this guy named Jesus and reading His Love Letter (the Bible) - you'd think they had the most amazing husband in the world.

No matter where you are on your journey - 'curious about Jesus', 'kind of following Him', or 'crazy about Jesus' - one thing they'd assure you is - 'IF you want to experience Radical Love - Get to Know Jesus better - He'll be your husband, your doctor, your lawyer, whatever you need - All you have to do is ask Him.'

Thanks Celia & Jeanne - for reminding us all about the gift of Love, the gift of Freedom and the fact that all we have to do is ask.....

Seek me with all your heart - Just Ask & You'll Find me - Jeremiah 29:13

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