Friday, June 4, 2010

The GIFT of Waiting

There are many Promises in the Bible that talk about the GIFT of Waiting. Psalm 37 is full of them. 'Wait & you'll inherit all I've promised!' (v. 7 - 9) 'Wait & I'll exalt you!' (v. 34)

Have you ever noticed, we love the end of those verses but we try to skip that first word 'WAIT!'

Deborah Farrow & Gena Cummings received an amazing GIFT in the Waiting!

Deborah had been waiting for a prayer partner for 15 years, Gena for over a year - yet it is only now that they realize the GIFT of that wait!

When Gena shares about her 'do it yourself' personality - she encourages you 'Wait on God, don't try to make it happen!!'

And though Deborah had been longing to pray with someone for years - the GIFT of Gena is so much sweeter because it's God's choice not a man-made connection.

They both agree, this is so much more than just a prayer partnership: "It's a friendship and seeing God in one another is amazing! It's brought growth (personal & spiritual) and they're truly learning fervent & effectual prayer" - just Two by Two.

Those are some big words, so what does that look like - 'Fervent & Effectual Prayer'?

It looks like stepping out of our comfort zones and realizing that ONLY radical love and God-made friendships & prayer partnerships will change our City!

It looks like someone so focused on her family now being led to pray for her neighborhood and coming to the realization that we need to make a difference!

It looks like redemption across bad racial experiences of the past and having a 'white sister' (or brother) as a friend - 'someone living the same life you're living just in a different part of town!'

It looks like... as Gena & Deborah put it 'learning to pray without words - to Listen & Wait on God!'

So, I don't know what you're WAITING for but I certainly know who's WAITING for YOU!

Jesus is longing not only to change you - but to change our City!

I'm really tired of Forbes list of 'miserable cities' and (despite some great social programs in Memphis) I'm grieved that we've made only small steps toward needs in education, infant mortality and crime.

I believe there's ONE thing that will change Memphis and it's not a man-made solution, it's not another social program! But it is something each and every person can take part in - no matter your race, your age, your economic status.

How can we change Memphis?

ONLY Jesus can... but the gift is that He wants to use us & the promise is no matter what you're waiting on, He's waiting on YOU!

Won't you ASK Him - 'Jesus, is there something you're trying to show me in this WAIT?' 'Is there someone you want me to partner with to pray for my city?'

Until we Listen & WAIT for Jesus' Heart - we'll never be changed!

Won't You Wait for the GIFT?

Jesus promises: 'Get serious about finding me, want me more than anything else & I'll make sure you won't be disappointed!" Jer. 29:13 (MSG)

Just sitting with Gena & Deborah you see Jesus' Heart - They're Changing Memphis - one prayer, one friendship, one radical act of love at a time!

For more about Jesus, Radical Love & Waiting - just give us a call!


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