Monday, February 1, 2010


When we were least expecting it, LOVE Rushed In & changed our lives!

We're all from different backgrounds with different life struggles yet the one thing we agree on is that "Jesus Changed Us & We'll Never Be the Same!"

You hear a lot of people talk about Jesus - some say he was a prophet, others say a preacher - but we want to tell you how LOVE, in the person of Jesus, Rushed into our Lives....

After trying to fill the aches in our hearts with various things like human love, money, success, alcohol or many other numbing agents - we finally came to the conclusion that we just couldn't fill the ache on our own. Some of us literally cried out 'God, if you're REAL.. please reveal yourself to me!' And He did!

You see, the more we get to know Him, the more we love Him. The more we love Him, the more He allows us to love others. And as we walk alongside one another in this journey called life, He's amazingly filled the aches in our hearts with a LOVE like we've never experienced before.

Does this mean our lives are painless or free from struggles? Absolutely not! But His LOVE is allowing us to share our pain together and to lean into Him & into each other (no matter the color of our skin!)

Has God seemed distant in your life, or maybe you feel you're not quite good enough? Please know - He's waiting to RUSH IN for YOU & if you want to learn more about His LOVE & how to connect with others who love Him - please give us a call or come say hello at one of our upcoming events.

We PROMISE - When His LOVE Rushes In - you'll never be the same!


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