Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Things NEW!

Recently, Elizabeth and I shared prayers and smiles as we rejoiced over how JESUS has made all things NEW in her life.

Years ago, as she battled an addiction, Elizabeth came through Memphis Union Mission's Moriah House and she's watched God show up in amazing ways since then.

Is her life perfect? No! Is every circumstance just to her choosing? Certainly Not! But she's learned that no matter where you are & no matter what your circumstance - Jesus wants to Make All Things NEW!

All You Have to Do is Ask Him & He often puts others in our path to remind us that He's with us, He loves us and He longs to restore our past and give us a NEW future!

With a NEW life, lots of exciting things are in store for Elizabeth and her husband William in 2010. They're expecting their second child and one thing she's especially grateful for is God's restoration of relationships and the fact that He's truly used her pain to enable her to minister to others!

No matter where 2010 finds you... ASK Jesus to Make All Things NEW & don't just look for your circumstances to change - but look for the God of your every circumstance to show up and change you!

Then, grab the hand of a Two by Two Prayer Partner and Ask Jesus To Make All Things New in your City! Watch Expectantly for Him to Show Up......


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