Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't Walk Alone! - Nina & Paula's Story

Do Not Walk Alone! Just ask God for a Partner and See How He Shows Up.

That's a big challenge, I thought to myself. Ask the Lord and wait for His answer?? But I can personally encourage you, instead of an assigned partner, pray for one!!

I accepted the challenge and began to pray. God kept putting Paula on my heart but she had so many responsibilities, I did not want to impose. One day, to my surprise, Paula came rushing over and asked if I would like to be her partner!!

Thank you, Lord, that You had already begun to knit our hearts together and as our relationship has developed, we have established a deep love and friendship; uniting two very different strands into a cord of three that is not easily broken.

As we join Two by Two walls are breaking down and I encourage each of you: Ask Jesus and when He does give you the gift of a prayer partner, Do Not Walk Alone! Pray together weekly, meet together monthly and cherish the gift!


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