Monday, June 1, 2009

Jesus Longs to Speak to You

As Kizzy Miller and I sipped coffee at my kitchen table tonight, she shared her encouraging story about learning to hear His voice:
As a single mom, life certainly has not been easy. There are a lot of times that I long to hear from Jesus and ask for wisdom, financial help, guidance and protection.

So how do you keep on keeping on when at times the Lord might seem silent?

Patience, discernment and timing is the hardest, but from someone who has plenty of experience I encourage you to keep asking, keep seeking and keep listening!

A lot of times I have to be by myself to hear His voice. He often speaks when I am walking, in the car alone or He even uses my 6 year old to speak to me in the strangest ways.

I still sometimes wonder: Is that you Lord? But, I always remember a conversation my mom and I had when she said: Be obedient when He speaks and not fearful, because God is not a God of fear. Step out on faith and be open to whatever God tells you to do. God speaks to us every day, the question is, are we really listening?

In James 1:22, the Bible says be a doer, not just a hearer of the Word. IF I ask the Lord for something I have to be obedient enough to do what He says!
Kizzy has taught me more during our brief friendship than she will ever know. I truly admire her. She keeps clinging to Jesus even when the road is tough. She probably does not see herself as strong but I do. She keeps listening, she keeps obeying and with each new day she is hearing His voice (even, and especially, when it comes in a whisper.)

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