Friday, July 5, 2013

July 2013, Introducing The House of Prayer

Two By Two has come a long way since its beginning in 2009. The starting purpose of Two By Two was to help convince the world that Jesus is the only answer to our city's needs and to our personal needs. We are glad to further this goal through another form of outreach, Two By Two House of Prayer. The House of Prayer is located in the heart of Memphis and is a prayer sanctuary for the community. 
 The House of Prayer has come with a calling: building relationships, offering refueling, providing prayer resources and restoration. Relationship building, across racial, denominational and socio-economic divides was the start of this journey and the House of Prayer is here to further encourage this movement through prayer and unity. By crossing borders of race, denomination and culture (as we come together as ONE) we will not only transform our city, but will become agents of transformation ourselves. For those who take on transformational ministry as a full time assignment, refueling and hearing from Jesus is a must and the House of Prayer is a place to “Be still, and know that [He] is God; He will be exalted among the nations, He will be exalted in the earth”  Ps. 46:10.

Overnight visits and hourly prayer times at the house are open to everyone: the House of Prayer drives our mission to serve people in need of Hope, Healing and showcasing the power of Unity. Soon we hope to be a resource to the community, having training on different kinds of prayer and prayer time, with Biblical teaching on hearing from Jesus.  We hope to bring much needed restoration to Memphis and the world. Currently, the House of Prayer has lodging available for five people and will soon be able to host up to seven. It is a great place to seek the Lord for direction: singles / couples / church leaders / ministry retreats. The house has a great garden and a peaceful prayer room with a kneeling bench. Please keep your eyes open for future events and prayer times and come experience this special place of serenity, in the heart of the city.

To schedule a visit or request a specific prayer time - please call 901-356-7579
or e-mail us at

Monday, June 4, 2012

Need a "Life-Line?"

"It's a Life-Line" - says Sally Klinke about her 3 year prayer partnership with Dorothy James. "God placed Sally in my life to encourage & inspire me!" says Dorothy.
"You don't manufacture friends like this! Dorothy is God-given and we run to Him in prayer like two little girls."  Since they met, they've run to Him together and trusted Him together on countless prayers for their family, their city & one another.
Smiles and laughter filled this day, but they assured me they’ve shared tears too.  That’s where prayer comes in, “prayer is key because prayer will see you through!” says Dorothy.
Prayer is not just about talking, but who you’re talking to that makes all the difference – “Whose throne room are you going to?” asks Sally.  Praying together has given them a priceless gift because they both know the Jesus on whom they’re calling and they know that even in life’s darkest hours His strength will see them through.
This same Jesus brought them together 3 years ago and Sally calls that a ‘rare jewel’ (but only rare because we don't Trust Him!)  After meeting one another at a prayer event, Sally uttered this simple prayer "Lord, if she's my prayer partner just make it clear."  Then, Dorothy felt led to come over to Sally, they prayed together that night and have been prayer partners ever since.
“When you get older, you want to do good things and this is a Forever Life-Line!” says Sally.
I’m convinced Jesus does not expect us to walk through life alone.  Do you Trust Him enough to simply ask: “Jesus – is there a prayer partner out there for me?”  If you’re willing to Trust Him, don’t be surprised by what happens. 

As always, we’re here to help you too / 901-356-7579

If You have a Life-Line - Please Tell Us Your Story - we'd love to share it in our NEXT Post (and inspire others with the uniquenes of Prayer Partners across our City & the Impact of Praying Together!!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

HE Makes ALL Things NEW

New Life is what SINGS from the soil of Memphis in the Springtime. Travel down Poplar Avenue to see the blooms declaring Praise to their Creator. This reminds me of God's Promise in Isaiah 61 - 'He brings Beauty for Ashes... and He will Restore the Places Long Devastated.'
The flowers on Poplar aren't the only thing blooming in Memphis and Two By Two wanted to share a story of a beautiful ministry that we partnered with recently. This ministry is a Fragrance of Jesus in Binghampton.
We met with a small (but powerful) group of ladies from Binghampton Community Church and were encouraged by their faith and their JOY. These ladies have since partnered to PRAY with others in their neighborhood and as they continue to Love Like Jesus and Pray for Their City - Jesus continues to Show Up to Make ALL Things NEW!
So what does this mean for YOU? Are there places 'long devastated' in your own life? Do you need a fresh assurance of Restoration that Comes from Jesus Alone? Would you like to join us in praying for the Restoration of Our City? We'd love to pray with and for you - AND we'd also love to partner you with a Two by Two Prayer Partner to walk through life with and to Pray for Our City with! Call/E-mail Us for More 901-356-7579 -

Monday, May 2, 2011

Recent Road Trips & Jesus Sitings

It’s amazing to me that I try to put God in a box, that I still think I can imagine how He will bring about His purposes. And yet He says, “My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts. In fact I will do immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine.”

None of us quite knew what our time in Indianapolis was going to look like, we just knew it was important that we go. So two Memphis girls and our friend from New York set off for an adventure. The event was surrounding 32 hours of continual prayer led by the National Day of Prayer, and a program unveiling a documentary on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, on his birthday.

This weekend was to be for a purpose bigger than all of us, but we were about to see God “WOW” us all. Throughout the weekend we would watch as He would pull the pieces of the program together, knit our rag tag group together like a family, and through it all speak to each of us individually about how dear we are to His heart.

Our group was about as different and diverse as it gets. We were different ages, different races, different genders, but we all shared a common theme. We all follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we all have deep inner groanings, deep longings to see healing, reconciliation, and unity. We feel that the love of Jesus is our only hope for these things.

One thing is certain, in these times as God is moving throughout our nation and the world, our prayers avail much. So we partnered with a church in Indianapolis, and went to pray. And pray we did! They had our team up front leading over a microphone, but you could hardly hear the person speaking because people were literally crying out to God. We prayed for our nation, for our leaders, for our families, for our children. The cry that went up echoed in Heaven’s throne room as we cried out to the living God to heal our land.

On the holiday honoring MLK, the Madame CJ Walker Theater was filled to the brim. The documentary was shown, local talent entertained, the mayor and others spoke, and all was for the glory of God.

As the three of us drove home, exhausted and yet bursting at the seams with overflowing cups of joy, we lamented having to leave our little family that had bonded so tightly in our short time together. And that is what we As followers of Christ we are brothers and sisters. And for eternity we will join together with every tribe and every nation in praising our God saying, “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come.” Amen

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Knock at the Door Brings an Angel Into my Life

I know in God's Word it says when there's a knock at the door you should not ignore it, because we never know who's on the other side. It just might be an Angel in Disguise.

How ironic is that! This is exactly what happened to me. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I heard a knock and lo and behold it was my neighbor.

Shortly after being laid off from my job, my husband had spoken to her about me losing my job. The only source of income was suddenly gone. My husband is disabled (not able to work due to a heart condition). Our neighbor appeared and asked if she could pray for us and I welcomed her open hands & kind heart.

Then, the evening prior to Thanksgiving, she knocked at the door again and asked if she could pray for us a second time. Again, I welcomed her open hands and kind heart.

Before leaving she handed me an envelope and said 'This is for you and your husband'. The card inside was full of words of kindness, encouragement and love. Also, there was a special gift inside - a Kroger Gift Card for Groceries.

As I had sat home unemployed & anxious (anxiety daily rising within me) - God saw the need & sent an Angel to us. The knock at the door was our Angel in Disguise.

The Bible says Love Thy Neighbor just as We Would Love Ourselves. We have truly been blessed by Our Neighbor - who with a soft knock at the door appeared as an Angel in our time of need.

From this, new love is found, a new friendship has begun and a new beginning of believing that God is ALWAYS there when you least expect it.

He's there for you too - either wanting you to be an Angel in Disguise or to Open Your Door to One.

In this time of many things Uncertain - we want you to know there is one thing CERTAIN - Jesus Loves You (even when you don't feel it), He longs to Show Up in Your Life This Christmas, This New Year!

An Angel Might be Knocking at Your Door Tomorrow, OR Maybe He Wants You to Be An Angel to Someone Else! Just ASK Him - We Know He'll Nudge Your Heart.

As ALWAYS - We're Here for You and Would LOVE to Pray With You 901-356-7579

Monday, October 11, 2010

Memphis City Schools & A Story of HOPE

Ever Wonder How We Can Change Urban Education in Memphis?

Well, as kids settle into this school year - with all the negative talk about Memphis, we wanted to share a Story of HOPE.

Right in the heart of our Bluff City is a hidden jewel that we all need to know about, pray for & perhaps even partner with.

In 2010, the Memphis Teacher Residency began their third year with the recruitment of hard working, passionate Christ followers dedicated to changing urban education.

As twenty two graduates dig into their first year of teaching and twenty six residents seek to learn as much as possible from their mentors, the MTR exists to glorify God and make His name famous through transforming urban education in Memphis, TN.

In some of the toughest urban school settings, relationships are being formed between teachers and students, test grades are increasing, and hearts are being made new by the challenges laid before them.

Perhaps the news reports forgot to mention it, but Two by Two wanted to ensure you know that the US Dept. of Education thinks "Memphis, TN is the place that has the greatest opportunity to fundamentally change urban education in the United States of America!"

And it's through organizations like MTR that this will be accomplished. Through teachers like Kristin Cornwell above who love like Jesus and aren't afraid to reach out to kids who others may have written off.

God is doing a GREAT thing in Memphis - we don't know if you'll believe us even if we tell you but we encourage you to check it out for yourself at

"Look at the nations and be utterly amazed. For I am doing something great in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told." Hab 1:5

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Please Don't Forget ME.....

It's Back to School for many & it seems we’re just about back in our normal fall routine.

Right in the hustle & bustle of new lunch boxes, after-school sports and carpools – a friend of mine recently reminded me of some back-to-school kids we might just be forgetting. (The photos above are Real Kids from our neighborhoods & these are Real Life Stories That You Need to Know!)

This is Mona's story, please take a minute to read it & please don’t just READ – please say a prayer for these kids and ASK if there’s anything that God might want you to do!

“As school gets into full swing, children must quickly adjust to earlier bedtimes, tackle homework assignments and strive to make new friends. However, to a large number of children, their lives hold even greater challenges.

Dad (or maybe even Mom) is in jail or in prison. They miss Mom. They love Mom. They miss Dad. They love Dad. Their little hearts and minds are too young to understand why jails do not allow contact visits.

They just want a hug from Dad and they’re too young to understand that Dad cannot make a phone call unless mother places money to be used for calls home.

They just want to tell Dad about their new friends and the school day. I’ve seen these children and know how much many of them love their Dads.

So maybe if you’ve not visited a jail, it might slip your mind to say a special prayer for the children who love their Dad right where he is.

And perhaps if you don’t know one of these precious kids – you might’ve forgotten that for them, back-to-school THIS fall is not back to ‘normal’ at all.”

'For as much as you’ve done it to the least of these you’ve done it unto me!’

Matthew 25:40

IF you have a relative in Prison (or if you feel you're in a prison all your own) - we'd love to pray with you and tell you more about the RADICAL Love of a guy named Jesus that can set anyone free from chains - just click the contact tab above and call or e-mail us!

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